Wow! We finally launched the big wine shop!

Well it's time to find out whether pursuing our passion is the route to happiness at work.

For years we have sat at family gatherings deliberating, debating, dreaming of doing this. In the moment, probably influenced by our alcoholic armory, it seemed so easy, so simple... a website, a fresh approach, and above all amazing great value mixed case wines that we will source from undiscovered producers all over the world, directly to your glass. In those deep conversations about which wine regions to explore and what grapes to specialise, nobody told us about eori numbers, endless certification and the ever-increasing duty rates on importing wine!

Ok fast forward many months, late nights and calls to HMRC, this is not easy.

Of course we knew setting up an online wine delivery service would be highly competitive market. We knew that we had to do this for the love of it and if we got that right, success would follow in time. So here we are, open for business praying for #lockdown to make the world a safer place again so that we begin to make new in-roads, new business acquaintances and new friends.

Today I am optimistic. Speaking to many producers and wineries throughout the EU, US and South America has confirmed what I had hoped. Wine Producers and Wine Makers are a sturdy bunch. My feedback was, 'there has been hard times in the past, there will be harder times in the future but we will get through them.... Do you want to buy some wine?'

Of course my answer is always, 'yes but...'

So come on then friends. Join us on our adventure. Allow us into your wonderful world of wine and let's show humanity that when times are hard and the end seems nowhere in sight, it's ok we have friends, we have family, we have love.... and we have wine.

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