Gouveio is white wine grape found in various parts of Portugal, most saliently in the Douro Valley and more recently in Alentejo. It is used to make both dry wines (most often in blends) and as an ingredient in White Port. Although long mistaken for just another Portuguese grape variety synonym (in this case for Verdelho), Gouveio has proven to be a variety in its own right.

Gouveio grapes produce fresh, lively wines with good acidity and plenty of body. The defining aromas are of citrus (fresh lime is particularly prominent in wines from cooler sites), complemented by subtle stonefruit notes and an occasional spicy whiff of aniseed. It ages well in bottle.


The variety is relatively early ripening and gives good yields of medium-sized, tightly-packed bunches of small, yellow-green grapes. Sensitive to fungal diseases such as oidium, Gouveio thrives only in warm, dry, well-ventilated sites, which explains why it is found mainly in the more continental areas of inland Portugal.

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